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Mulching Advantage

Moisture retention - One of mulch’s greatest advantages is its ability to help soil retain its moisture. Mulch will benefit you the most if your region is prone to drought and dry weather. Also, during warm summer months the mulch will keep your plants cooler.

Soil - Mulch is filled with nutrients that are beneficial to soil. As mulch breaks down, its nutrients are transferred to the soil, which in turn transfers them to your plants. Mulch also helps preserve and protect soil from runoff and nutrient loss.

Stifles weed growth - Think of mulch as the best medicine for weeds. When mulch is laid over a patch of soil it essentially suffocates weeds before they have the opportunity to sprout.

Universal problem solver - Whether you have an ugly bald spot on your lawn or simply want to eliminate some of that hard-to-grow grass, mulch is your solution. Building mulch gardens around trees easily eliminates sparse grass. By adding mulch to a hard-to-grow area, you can turn patchy grass into a beautiful mulch bed with flowers.

Alternative gardens - Alternative gardens (herb, vegetable, and fruit gardens) are best mulched with grass and leaf clippings, which are free every time you mow your lawn. Mulching in an alternative garden helps to grow larger, tastier vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Spring Lawn Mulching Water Saving